Supporting Migrant Workers

East Cambridgeshire is attracting people as a place to live and work from across the world and in particular from Eastern Europe. This is becoming an established pattern, which is supporting the local economy (particularly in agriculture) and meaning that East Cambridgeshire is becoming a more culturally diverse district.

Migrants within East Cambridgeshire can experience a number of different issues when working and living in the district, and the District Council can assist with some of these. In particular, the Council has been awarded funding through the Migration Impacts Fund, to research the living conditions or migrant workers in the district and ensuring that their homes are decent.

Staying Safe In Your Home

The Council has produced leaflets in English, Portuguese, Polish and Lithuanian explaining some of the problems that you might experience in rented accommodation. If you are experiencing any of them you can contact the Council for help in dealing with them.

Condensation and Mould Advice

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