Although leaving the EU with a deal is the objective, effective contingency arrangements are being put in place ahead of Brexit. These actions are required to maintain access to the products needed to deliver safe, effective care in any scenario.
The Department of Health and Social Care, working closely with trade bodies, product suppliers, representatives from the adult social care sector, the NHS in England, and the Devolved Administrations, has been making detailed plans to ensure the continuation of the supply of medical products to the whole of the UK in the event of a 'no deal'.
The Department of Health and Social Care has also published Brexit operational readiness guidance for the health and care system in England outlining actions that providers and commissioners of health and social care services should take to prepare for, and manage, the risks of a No Deal Brexit scenario.
The Government recognises the vital importance of medicines and medical products and is working to ensure that there is sufficient roll-on, roll-off freight capacity to enable these vital products to continue to move freely in to the UK.
The Government has also agreed that medicines and medical products will be prioritised on these alternative routes to ensure that the flow of all these products will continue unimpeded after 31 October 2019.