Review of Polling District, Polling Places and Polling Stations

Community Governance Reviews 2022

The Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review relating to the parishes of Burrough Green and Westley Waterless.

The Burrough Green/Westley Waterless Review will consider whether to amend the parish boundary to move some residences from the parish of Burrough Green into the parish of Westley Waterless.

View the Review's Terms of Reference, which includes a map showing the current and proposed new parish boundary.

Consultation Process

An initial three-month consultation period will seek representations from local government electors and other interested organisations, groups and individuals.
Any representations made will be published here on the Council's website.
To make representations on this Review please email  The closing date for representations is 17th June 2022.

Responses Received

  • We fully support the proposed Boundary change. We live in Westley Waterless, we access amenities in Westley Waterless and believe we should contribute to that Parish council and not another village’s.
  • With reference to the above-proposed boundary change, we write to say that we fully support the proposed change.

    Our address is one of those which is in Borough Green for electoral purposes. When we moved to the village we had no idea that we would be anything but residents of Westley Waterless and were very surprised to discover that we were expected to vote in Borough Green and that our precept would go to Borough Green and not to Westley Waterless.  We live just a few hundred yards from Westley Waterless Village Hall and have always regarded ourselves as part of our distinct village community, here in Westley Waterless. In our view, this change will: (i) Reflect the identity of Westley Waterless as a distinct village community, quite separate from Burrough Green; (ii) Be much more convenient - at present we (and many other voters) must walk for 15 minutes - or drive - to vote in Burrough Green, when we should be voting in our own village hall.

  • This part of the Westley Waterless and Burrough Green parishes is in the Burrough Green CE Primary School catchment, which is a partner primary school for Linton VC; hence the change does not make any difference in terms of admissions policies.

    As this is the case, we have no objections to the proposed change.