Review of Polling District, Polling Places and Polling Stations

Polling District Review/Community Governance Review

The Council is conducting a Community Governance Review so it can run alongside the Polling District Review.
A Polling District Review must be conducted to make the necessary changes to the reduction of the District Wards agreed by the Local Government Boundary Committee for England last year.
A Community Governance Review needs to be conducted to rectify some boundary anomalies that we are aware of, and other issues that District councillors and Parish councils have made us aware of.

Community Governance Review (CGR)

In East Cambridgeshire, we will undertake all CGRs by first publishing terms of reference and then carrying out the required consultation(s) and recommending changes to be made. The review has to be completed within 12 months from the publication of the terms of reference.

Please see the draft proposals (at bottom of page) with accompanying maps.
Once we have approved any recommendations as a result of the CGR and made an Order, any changes to the electoral arrangements, such as amendments to the parish boundary or decrease/increase to the number of parish councillors’, will come into effect from the next scheduled elections which are in May 2019.

Polling District Reviews

The Representation of the People Act places a duty on the Council to divide the District into polling districts and to designate polling places for each district.  The Council also has a duty to keep those arrangements under review.

Consultation Process

As part of the consultation on both reviews, we are seeking the views of Local Government electors and other interested organisations, groups and individuals, including people who have particular expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for persons who have disabilities.
The consultation will include local political parties, district ward councillors, parish councils, county councillors for East Cambridgeshire divisions, Access Group, and local MP’s.
The first consultation period ran from 23 February 2018 to the 16 April 2018.  This consultation is now completed.
A second consultation is now open with a deadline of 25 June 2018.  This is only for the Community Governance Review.

How to Respond

Should you wish to submit a written representation regarding this review please address it to:
Electoral Services
East Cambridgeshire District Council
The Grange
Nutholt Lane
Ely, Cambs, CB7 4EE
Alternatively your submission may be emailed to: