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Community Governance Review 2022

The Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review relating to the parishes of Burrough Green and Westley Waterless.

The Burrough Green/Westley Waterless Review will consider whether to amend the parish boundary to move some residences from the parish of Burrough Green into the parish of Westley Waterless.

Consultation Process

An initial three-month consultation period (Stage 1) seeking representations from local government electors and other interested organisations, groups and individuals has concluded.
The representations made during Stage 1 are shown below.
Following Council's decision after considering the results of Stage 1, a Stage 2 consultation process is now ongoing, see below for a copy of the covering letter and revised Terms of Reference.
To make representations on this Review (Stage 2) please email  The closing date for representations is 23rd September 2022.

Responses Received from the Stage 1 Consultation

  • We fully support the proposed Boundary change. We live in Westley Waterless, we access amenities in Westley Waterless and believe we should contribute to that Parish council and not another village’s.

  • With reference to the above-proposed boundary change, we write to say that we fully support the proposed change.

    Our address is one of those which is in Borough Green for electoral purposes. When we moved to the village we had no idea that we would be anything but residents of Westley Waterless and were very surprised to discover that we were expected to vote in Borough Green and that our precept would go to Borough Green and not to Westley Waterless.  We live just a few hundred yards from Westley Waterless Village Hall and have always regarded ourselves as part of our distinct village community, here in Westley Waterless. In our view, this change will: (i) Reflect the identity of Westley Waterless as a distinct village community, quite separate from Burrough Green; (ii) Be much more convenient - at present we (and many other voters) must walk for 15 minutes - or drive - to vote in Burrough Green, when we should be voting in our own village hall.

  • This part of the Westley Waterless and Burrough Green parishes is in the Burrough Green CE Primary School catchment, which is a partner primary school for Linton VC; hence the change does not make any difference in terms of admissions policies.

    As this is the case, we have no objections to the proposed change.

  • I support the suggestion that the boundary between WW and BG is moved to better reflect the community of WW by incorporating the dwellings shown within the shaded area of the map , currently within the BG parish into the WW parish.

    I raised this issue many years ago after I attended a Burrough Green parish council meeting where no matters affecting my location at Westley Waterless were raised or indeed thought to be relevant . However I was informed that no change could be made so I did not take the matter further. Hopefully common sense will applied to this review.

    Responses Received from the Stage 2 Consultation

  • I live at one of the properties which is subject to the proposed boundary change. I fully support the proposed change. We currently see ourselves as residents of WW and the boundary change will allow us to more fully participate in the governance and life of the village.

  • We agree completely with the potential move of properties in Westley Waterless from Burrough Green parish. We are owners of one of the properties involved and it is a historical nonsense that we are not currently included in the parish where our property is located.   We do hope common sense will prevail!

         Responses Received following suggestion from Burrough Green Parish Council during the Stage 2 Consultation

  • Burrough Green Parish Council have responded and suggested that two properties currently in Westley Waterless, Bessboro and Highfields on Brinkley Road, be moved into the Burrough Green parish.

  • We would not support this proposal. We have lived here for over 25 years and have always played an active part in Westley Waterless community. In addition to general community activities such as supporting the village and  church with fundraising events; church cleaning and church yard mowing, we have been involved with the Parochial Church Council for Westley Waterless and the Westley Waterless village hall. We believe that our properties are best aligned with Westley Waterless.  We trust that this proposal will not be considered further. 

  • Thank you for your letter proposing a transferral of two houses - ours (Highfields) and that of our neighbours (Bessboro) - from Westley Waterless parish to that of Burrough Green.

    We wish to remain under the governance of Westley Waterless, because we are committed members of this village community.  This includes social events at the village hall, attending services at the church of St Mary’s, participating in cleaning up the church yard, voting in the village hall and being active members of the village’s What’s App and Book groups.  Furthermore, the busy Brinkley Road, and the longish walk from our house to Burrough Green make us feel detached from the life of that village.

    We live as an extended family of 3 generations who have all expressed their views that they wish to remain in Westley Waterless.  Our son has his friends in the village, and my elderly parents value the kindness of neighbours and friends here.  Social connections to people in the village, and the activities we share together, are what gives our family a sense that we belong to this small community.  While we have nothing against Burrough Green, we know no one there.

    One further point, is that looking at the map you kindly provided, the movement of our two houses seems a bit arbitrary and unnecessary.  It wasn’t clear to us what advantages would arise from the move.

    Therefore, we cannot see any reasonable grounds for making this change, and it would not have our consent.