Feeds and Subscriptions

East Cambridgeshire District Council is making it easier for our visitors to view some of our frequently updated content.

feed iconWe now provide a number of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, for example the most recent council press releases, all of our current job vacancies, and events taking place for the current month.

What is RSS?
RSS is a format for publishing web content using a technology called XML. It does not provide an alternative to 'real' web pages, but instead provides enough information for you to decide if you wish to visit the page that the full content is on. This information typically consists of a title, brief description, and a web link to the full page.

How to use an RSS feed
If a website has provided an RSS feed that is available to the public, your web browser may indicate that it has detected the RSS content. More recent browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 display a 'feed detected' icon similar to this:

Your browser software may allow you to add a bookmark, or favourite, that can read our RSS information and allow you to visit a page containing more information about the job, event, or press release.

Alternatively... you may use dedicated RSS feed software called an aggregator. An aggregator program will automatically download the RSS feeds that you have subscribed to and allow you to browse them even while you are offline. Rather than make specific recommendations for aggregator software, you may view a comprehensive list of them, or read a more detailed description of aggregators.

Council RSS feeds
The following feeds are currently available:

Using our RSS feeds
If you run a website of your own and would like to incorporate the content provided by our RSS feeds, feel free to do so, but please let us know that your site is displaying East Cambridgeshire District Council information.


The Council will be introducing the ability to subscribe for content updates at a later date.