Community Safety

The District Council is committed to reducing crime and disorder and to improving community safety in East Cambridgeshire. The Council plays an active role in the East Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership.

Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) were first introduced nationally in 1998 to offer a multi-agency solution in response to crime and the fear of crime within communities. The CSP does not replace the work of the Police or the day-to-day business of the other participating agencies, but is widely considered the most effective approach to finding joint solutions to local issues.

Each Partnership is made up of the following statutory bodies; the Police, the County & District Councils, the Fire & Rescue Service, the National Health Service and the National Probation Trust, but it is common place that other agencies and voluntary and community groups may also contribute to the Partnerships work.

The Partnership meets on a monthly basis to respond to any emerging issues within the district and further the selected priorities adopted within the 3 year Community Safety Strategy & Annual Action Plan.

Community Safety Partnership 3 Year Strategy & Annual Action Plan

The Strategy gives an overview of the general direction of the Community Safety Partnership over the next 3 years and lays out the selected community safety priorities for East Cambridgeshire, why they were chosen, and how these will be achieved.

In addition to the over-arching Strategy the Partnership annually reviews the selected priorities, to ensure they remain relevant to the district, and outlines a detailed plan o f what actions, initiatives and projects will be put in place to achieve these priorities.

The Partnership will also be considering wider issues surrounding drug and alcohol misuse, the importance of the positive involvement of young people in the community, and the role that Shape Your Place and other community forums may have in dealing with community issues.

East Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership New Ways of Working for 2014

The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is working in a new way 2014.

The CSP has previously relied on grant funded posts to help deliver key work on anti social behaviour, partnership management and project development.

For 2014 the CSP has agreed new ways of managing and delivering these tasks.

To find out how the CSP will manage anti social behaviour you can download the pdf at the link below;

Anti Social Behaviour - CSP Agreement 2014

Also the CSP is working more efficiently to rotate key administrative and management tasks between the Partner agencies.

To find out how the CSP will govern and manage its commitments you can download the pdf at the link below;

CSP Governance Agreement 2014

Finding out More:

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