Safeguarding Advice for Volunteers

Safeguarding Advice for Volunteers

We have put together a list of frequently asked safeguarding tips for volunteers to help you if you are helping out during the current Coronavirus situation:

Do I need a DBS Check if I am just popping into see an adult every so often?

If you are not providing personal care then no. So this is useful to know with regards to people providing shopping for example. If you are providing a service such as shopping or getting prescriptions and you are not taking the person with you then you do not need a DBS.

Do I need to go on a training course?

There is no legislation that states as a volunteer you need to, but it is good practice to do so if you are going to be regularly working with adults. The current situation is, hopefully a temporary one so therefore no.

What do I do if I think there is abuse or neglect in a property I have just visited?

If you suspect that there is abuse and or neglect then you should speak to the person responsible in the organisation you are volunteering with. In the current situation this person may not exist, therefore we would suggest that you contact:

  • Adults:

    • Cambridgeshire 0345 045 5202

    • Outside office hours, at weekends and on public holidays contact the emergency duty team on 01733 234724

  • Children

    • Cambridgeshire: 0345 045 5203

    • Outside office hours, at weekends and on public holidays contact the emergency duty team on 01733 234724.

Should I be working on my own?

In order to safeguarding yourself you should not be going into someone's home on your own.  Again this is best practice and in this difficult time this may not be possible. Therefore you need to ensure that there are safeguards put in place for your safety as well as for the clients safety. We would suggest that you let the Manager/ Organiser/ Safeguarding Lead know that you have arrived at the property and then let them know when you leave.  

Should I interview prospective volunteers?

Ideally anyone working for you should have an interview. This interview does not have to be a formal one, a quick chat over a cup of coffee will suffice, it is just a way of ensuring that the person offering to help is the right person for the role and that they understand what is involved in the role.  Do not rely on the fact that someone has a DBS - this is not a `golden ticket'.

Do I have to fill in an application form?

The organisation you are volunteering form should ask for personal details from you along with an ICE form (this is a form that details any health issues you may have and your next of kin). Whilst volunteering we need to ensure that you are safe too. What if you have an accident? They would need to be able to contact people to let them know.

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