Rapid Covid-19 home testing for households with children

Households with school-age children can now test themselves twice a week from home using rapid Covid-19 home testing kits.
With up to one in three individuals with coronavirus showing no symptoms, it means some can potentially spread Covid-19 without knowing it. Regular testing of people who are unable to stay at home and do not have symptoms means that people with Covid-19 can be detected early and can self-isolate. 
As children and young people return to the classroom, we need to be sure that potential Covid-19 cases are found as quickly as possible and that measures are put in place to prevent them from spreading throughout the school community. Although cases are declining generally, we all need to continue to play our part to keep the virus under control and ensure children and young people can remain in education.
Rapid Covid-19 home testing kits will be available for asymptomatic:
  • adults living in households with primary and secondary-age pupils, including their childcare and support bubbles;
  • school staff and adults working in the wider school community, including bus drivers and after school club leaders, as well as members of their households.
Testing is for adults only. Secondary school and college pupils will also undertake regular testing which will be provided via their school or college. Primary school pupils are not being offered rapid testing at this time but parents and carers should access a PCR Covid-19 lab test for them via the national booking system if they develop symptoms.