Medication and Repeat Prescription Services

Pharmacies have reported that demand for repeat prescriptions continues to be higher than normal, and there has been a much higher demand for advice. Due to social distancing guidelines, most are working with smaller teams than normal.
This is a stressful and challenging time for everyone, and pharmacies are very grateful to their patients who have been so understanding and appreciative of the situation. They are also deeply grateful to the volunteer groups who are collecting and delivering prescriptions to vulnerable or self-isolating patients. It is an enormous contribution to the national effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Pharmacies are continually monitoring and adapting their approach to ensure that they maintain service to patients, and that they do so in a sustainable way. Below are up to date guidelines for patients to follow.
Please do not order your repeats early or stock-pile medication. Request them no more than 10 days before you are due to run out. Pharmacies can only issue one month’s worth of medication. 

If you collect your prescription in person: 

Please honour the social distancing guidelines. Do not take extra family members if you can avoid it, queue at least 2m apart, and maintain only two people at the front desk at once. 

If you need your prescription delivered: 

A list of volunteer delivery services are available below:
  • Fordham Timebank. 07395941522 or 07715908024. One delivery per day. Please get your order to them before 8am for delivery that afternoon.
  • Isleham. 07831168899. Please get your order to them by 8am for delivery that afternoon.
  • AAA Motorcycles. 07384746025  or Soham Town Council 01353 723472 (9-1) Two deliveries per day, one on Saturday. Please get your requests to them by 11am or 3pm at the latest.
  • Care-network
    Delivering essential supplies and prescriptions
    If you are on your own with no one to help you and need an emergency food shop or a prescription to be collected please call 01223 714433. 
    We are happy to get in touch if you are concerned about someone else , please call 0330 094 5750.
    Our Community Navigators are ready to help you find the right support for you – from community services, groups and charities 01353 659639
Please talk to your local group and understand what delivery(ies) they can offer, what information they need from you, and when they need it by. 
Please remember: it takes time for your volunteer group to compile and send the information over to your local dispensery, and it takes time for them to prepare all the prescriptions ready for collection. 
Volunteer groups have been given cut off times that dispenseries need to receive information by in order to guarantee that a prescription will be ready for the next collection slot. Please understand that if you call after the cut off time, your prescription may not be ready until the following collection slot.

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