Thinking of Re Opening?

COVID-19 update - Guidance for Businesses 

Whilst restrictions are still in place on the types of businesses that cannot open, we are aware of a number of concerns that businesses have raised during the enforced closure, and in preparation for re-opening. We have put together a short list of issues you may wish to consider.

General Maintenance 

Visiting business premises to make regular checks is an important work activity and some insurance policies require this. Whilst still looking out for new hazards, you may wish to keep a written checklist for each visit. It is important that you consider any lone working implications.

Waste and Pest Control

It is advisable to ensure that there is no waste left inside the premises and that all external bins are emptied and secured against pest entry. It is recommended that the premises is kept clean and is deep cleaned prior to re-opening, and that evidence of pest ingress is professionally dealt with.
For pest control advice and what to do before you reopen, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) has guidance: 

Prevention of Legionalla

As a general principle, outlets on hot and cold water systems should be used at least once a week to maintain a degree of water flow and to minimise the chances of stagnation. For more advice on Legionella in buildings: 
European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease: Managing Legionella in building systems 

General Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has produced guidance for employers on the risks associated with coronavirus and the safeguards that it is expected will be put in place. In addition you should consider if these safeguards introduce new risk such as lone working. General advice may be available from your insurance company.
The Government has produced general advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19), including social distancing measures:

Resources from Public Health England

Public Health England have produced a number of posters that employers can use to highlight the importance of frequent hand washing.
The Environmental Health Team Officers are happy to discuss the above with businesses who remain closed, or who are starting to prepare for re-opening.  As this may be a rapidly changing phase more information will be posted as it becomes available.
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