Coronavirus: Community Support

Covid-19 Coordination Hub – working with communities

The Public Sector is setting up a Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Covid-19 Coordination Hub.  We want to work alongside brilliant community groups who are responding to the situation, and to provide help where there are gaps.  Please list the help your team of volunteers are offering on the Cambridgeshire Online Directory , it will then be displayed to the public.  This will enable us to direct people from your local area to your group, either to volunteer with you or if they need help themselves.  
The information needs to be as simple as possible.  If you are coordinating your community response with other local group(s) and there is one set of contact details that the public can use to reach you all, please just list once, stating clearly the area (e.g. ward, village or specific streets) covered.
Please list your offer of voluntary community Covid-19 support on the Cambridgeshire Online Directory using the tag Covid-19.
If using for the first time use the ‘Sign up’ button in the top right, it’s a simple process and you will receive an activation email to Log in.
  • Choose ‘Create Listing’ for an organisation or service. You only have to fill in the essential fields with a ‘*’ to be able to submit and the Contact boxes too.  Please ensure: 
  • You are clear about the area you are covering and what you are offering help with and the telephone number people need to call.  
  • Your group description includes this sentence: ‘On the date of listing we have [insert approx. number] of volunteers’ This will give both your community and the central Cambridgeshire hub a rough idea of your capacity – you can login and update your volunteer numbers at any time to reflect your changing capacity
  • The ‘tags’ section must include the tag ‘Covid-19’ . Start to type ‘Covid-19’ and select the tag from the list
  • You enter the contact  the details you want people to use to contact your project.  If you are organising from home do not include your home address. Instead include a postcode from within the area you are covering to ensure your offer is located on the map, but is not linked to a specific address.  Ensure you fill in full web addresses, including https:// 
When finished click the ‘Submit listing’ button. 

Do you need help? 

Local volunteer groups are forming to help you with any support you may need, from shopping to collecting prescriptions to a simple phone chat. Volunteers will be vetted and trained on how to do this safely. Local contact information is below, and subject to change:

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