Complain about a school

Types of complaints

There are different ways to complain in England depending on whether your child: 

Schools may not consider complaints about behaviour that happens outside the school’s hours or premises. 

Other types of complaint 

For some types of complaint you need to contact a different agency. 

  • Complaint: - Child Protection 
  • Who to contact: - Local council 
  • Complaint: - Criminal behaviour 
  • Who to contact: - Police 
  • Complaint: - Data protection 
  • Who to contact: - Information Commissioner’s Office 
  • Complaint: - Discrimination 
  • Who to contact: - Equality Advisory and Support Service 
  • Complaint: - Employment 
  • Who to contact: - An employment tribunal 
  • Complaint: - Exam malpractice or maladministration 
  • Who to contact: - Ofqual and the awarding body 

Legal advice   

You can get free legal advice about schooling and education from Child Law Advice.  

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For further information on Complaining about a school, see GOV.UK.