Climate change

In Autumn 2019, East Cambridgeshire District Council declared a climate emergency. In doing so, we agreed to explore a wide range of actions to improve our local environment and do our bit to help mitigate climate change.

One such commitment was the preparation of an annual Environment and Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. Following the launch of our first Action Plan in June 2020, we are now starting actions from our Third Action Plan which was approved by the Operational Services Committee in June 2022.

Find out more about our progress to date on our what have we done so far? webpage.

Our Environment and Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan sets out our vision that by 2040 or earlier the Council’s operations will reach net zero carbon emissions and, in partnership with all stakeholders, for East Cambridgeshire as a whole, with clear and demonstrable progress towards that target year-on-year. 

At the same time, our vision is to support our communities and East Cambridgeshire’s biodiversity and environmental assets so they can adapt and flourish as our climate changes.