Become a hero: ten recycling tips for beginners

So, you’ve decided to start recycling, hooray! Recycling can make all the difference to our environment, and makes the world a better place to live in. But where do you start? Have no fear, I have put together 10 handy tips to help beginners start recycling today.

  1. First thing’s first, find out what you can and can’t recycle
    This is super important. Read up on the recycling rules in your area and make sure you don’t accidentally send anything off that can’t be recycled.
  2. Don’t be a quitter, but quit the 5p bags
    Shops have been charging 5p for the use of their plastic carrier bags for a few years now, and for good reason! Plastic can’t be recycled. Instead, get yourself a bag for life and reuse that for all your shopping needs.
  3. Get a fancy box to put all your recycling in
    To get into the swing of recycling, it’s a good idea to set up a mini-recycling centre within your own home! Put a box right next to your usual bin and start your recycling journey.
  4. Make sure you wash your recycling!
    Not washing your recycling before you recycle can lead to smelly centres in your home! Be sure to wash every item, where possible, before you recycle it.
  5. Save the trees and switch to paperless billing
    This is a process that most companies have now put in place. Getting your bills via email or online rather than through the post can dramatically reduce the amount of paper you use, saving lots of lovely trees.
  6. Food for flowers - start a compost heap
    This is a win-win situation. By starting a compost heap, you have a place to put your food waste that won’t leave your home smelly and it will also provide food for your soil, enabling your plants to grow beautifully.
  7. Be like Elsa and let it go
    Recycling isn’t just about household waste. Your clothes can be recycled too! If you’ve fallen out of love with that top you bought three years ago, you can donate it to charity. Charities are always looking for new donations.
  8. Go to the source and buy recycled products
    Buying certain things that are made from recycled products not only makes you feel better about your purchase, but also supports eco-friendly companies to keep producing them.
  9. If you’re feeling really heroic, recycle your water
    Rain comes in useful sometimes! If you have a rain barrel (or if you feel like purchasing one), you can collect water in the barrel whenever it rains, which can then be used for watering plants.
  10. Explore your local recycling facilities
    It is useful to learn where your local recycling facilities are, so that you can start taking things with you from home when you’re out and about.

Remember, don’t feel pressured to fulfil every single point on this list. Even just pursuing two or three of these tips can do the world of good for the environment, and for your home!