Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber)

You may be able to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) if you think there was a legal mistake with a decision made against you by certain lower tribunals and organisations.
You might be able to appeal if your case was about:
  • social security or child support
  • war pensions and armed forces compensation
  • mental health
  • special education needs or disabilities
  • a dispute that was heard by the General Regulatory Chamber
  • a decision made by the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • a decision made by the Traffic Commissioner (or the Transport Regulation Unit in Northern Ireland)
There are also other cases that the tribunal deals with.
There is a different process if your case is about criminal injuries compensation.
The tribunal is independent of government and will listen to both sides of the argument before making a decision.

Get help with your appeal

You can read more detail about the appeal process.

Contact the tribunal

England and Wales
Telephone: 020 7071 5662
Fax: 0870 324 0028
Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber)
5th floor
7 Rolls Buildings
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