Terms and Conditions

Each household is provided with one wheeled bin or an alternative bag based service where bins can’t be accommodated. In response to requests for additional garden waste capacity the Council is making additional bins available in return for payment of an annual licence fee. Please read the following terms & conditions before requesting an additional bin:

Terms & Conditions

  1. Service provided

For each licence purchased a 240 litre wheeled bin (same size as blue & green bins) will be provided. This will be emptied on the same collection days as the standard green lidded bin until the licence expires subject to conditions listed below.

  1. Bin ownership

The licence fee pays for the collection service only. Bins belong to East Cambridgeshire District Council & will be removed if a valid licence fee is not held.

  1. Licence period

1st April to 31st March

  1. Licence Fee (reviewed annually)

The annual licence fee is £48. Licences granted after the 1st April shall be charged at £4 per month for the number of full months remaining of the licence period.

Bins will not be provided for peak seasons of garden growth only

  1. Renewal of licences

It is the responsibility of the resident to renew the licence before their current licence expires. Once payment has been received a replacement licence sticker will be posted and should be stuck to the front of the bin. Only bins displaying a current licence sticker will be emptied.

  1. Delivery timescale

Bins will be delivered within 20 working days of payment.

  1. How to apply

Telephone 01353 665555 to register your interest and check on availability. Payment can be made over the phone by either credit card or debit card.

  1. Limit on bin numbers

Initially each household will be restricted to a single bin. If, however, you would like more than 1 bin, please tell Customer Services at the time that you apply. You will then be put on a reserve list in case not all bins are allocated. Additional bins will be allocated in the order that they have been requested. No discount is available if multiple bins are provided.

  1. Presentation of bins for emptying

Bins must be presented for collection as for the standard wheeled bin collection service:

  • On the property boundary closest to road access & clearly visible. Where accessed by a private track or road, bins must be left for collection where this joins the public highway;
  • Bins must be available for collection by 7am on the morning of collection, but should not be put out earlier than 6pm on the previous evening & should be recovered to within the property boundary as soon as possible after emptying.
  • Bins will not be emptied if they are considered too heavy to comfortably move by the collection crew.
  • If material is too compacted to empty when the bin is tipped it will be left for the householder to dispose of.
  • Bin lids must be shut for bins to be emptied
  1. Missed collections

Missed collections must be reported by the end of the working day following scheduled collection. Report by telephoning 01353 665555 or by completing a Missed Collection Online Form. Bins should be emptied by the end of the working day after they are reported.

Return visits will not be made to empty bins that were not presented as required or where the bin contains incorrect materials. If notified that the bin contents are contaminated, remove contamination & present the bin on the next due collection day.

  1. Service disruption

Where it is necessary to suspend collections due to inclement weather, or other factors outside of the Council’s control, collections will where possible be carried out on the next working day. If this is not possible bins will not be emptied until the next due collection day. In these circumstances no refund will be available for missed collections

  1. Frozen bin contents

Occasionally in very cold weather the contents of the bin may freeze to the bin, making it impossible to empty. In these circumstances the bin will not be emptied until the next due collection date. No refund will be made for missed collections in these circumstances.

  1. Assisted collections

If a property is registered for assisted collections, this will automatically be applied to this service.

  1. Limitations of use
  • Bins are provided for solely garden waste, produced from residential premises only.
  • A bin is registered to the address given at the time of application.
  • If a resident moves within East Cambridgeshire the bin can be taken to the new address, but the Council must be notified of the new address before collections commence from that property.
  • If a resident moves outside of East Cambridgeshire the Council should be notified to collect the bin or by agreement with the new resident it can be left for them to use until the licence expires. No refunds will be provided. 
  1. Acceptable materials
  • The service is provided for garden waste only as the Council is not permitted to charge for collections including food waste. Acceptable materials include:
    • Grass cuttings
    • Leaves
    • Hedge cuttings
    • Prunings
    • Dead plants/weeds
    • Small branches ( less than 7cm/3 inches diameter)
  • Materials must be loose within the bin. Bags of any sort should not be left in the bin & could result in refusal to empty it
  1. Excluded materials


  • Only items on the acceptable materials list should be included. Excluded items include, but are not limited to:
    • Plastic bags
    • Stones & rubble
    • Flower pots & trays
    • Soil
    • Turfs
    • Cat litter
    • Animal waste
    • Poisonous weeds e.g. Japanese Knot Weed, Himalayan Balsam & Ragwort

  1. Withdrawal of service


Where bins are repeatedly contaminated or are not recovered to within the property boundary between collections, the Council reserves the right to remove the bin without refund.

  1. Replacement bins


The Council will replace free of charge bins that are damaged through fair wear & tear or stolen, but reserves the right to charge for a replacement where damage results from misuse by the resident.

Data Protection Statement

The information that you provide will be used by the Council to assist with the introduction of the new service & its ongoing delivery. Your information will only be retained for as long as is required for these purposes. Your information will by necessity be shared with the Council’s waste contractors but will not be passed to any other third parties. By providing this information you are consenting to its use as detailed.