Green Waste Collections

This service is only available for customers on the alternative service, who are uneligible for a wheeled bin collection.

The East Cambs Street Scene Team will collect and replace like for like up to a maximum of 4 brown bags. This is the equivalent to the green lidded wheeled bin provided on the standard service.

Additional brown bags are no longer available for purchase and any surplus garden waste should be composted or taken to your local recycling centre.

If you have not been left replacement bags, please let us know by completing our Bags Not Left Report Form

Each fortnight, on your recycling collection day residents can put out brown bags for collection of green waste and food waste.

Residents can put out up to 4 brown sacks for collection each fortnight.  Please clearly write your house number on each sack so that the collection crew can provide you with the correct number of replacement sacks.

Please bear in mind when filling the bags, care needs to be taken with heavy or wet items, eg large quantities of windfall apples, as these can cause the bag to split when lifted.

Bags should be stored on your property before collection and should be put out by 7am on the day of collection and not before 6pm the day before.

Please place materials out on your property boundary closest to road access so that they are clearly visible (Where your property is accessed by a private track or road material must be left for collection where this joins the public highway).

What to put in your brown bag

Yes please

  • Garden waste
    • grass cuttings
    • hedge cuttings
    • flowers
    • weeds
    • bark and untreated wood
    • sawdust and woodshavings
    • rabbit or guinea pig bedding
  • Kitchen waste
    • vegetable and fruit peelings
    • cooked and uncooked food waste - including meat, poultry, fish and dairy (preferably wrapped in newspaper)
    • tea bags
    • coffee filters
    • stale bread
  • Cardboard/other
    • all cardboard food packaging and boxes - except carton
    • phone books
    • brown envelopes - please remove any plastic windows
    • shredded paper
    • coloured paper, eg craft and sugar paper
    • brown paper
    • soiled newspaper, eg from vegetarian pet bedding
    • egg boxes

No thanks

  • disposable nappies
  • glass
  • cans
  • textiles
  • soil
  • stones
  • painted or treated woods
  • cat or dog waste
  • oil - except small amounts soaked into cardboard
  • non-compostable items
  • liquid food and drink cartons, eg Tetra Pak
  • plastic bags
  • corn-starch bags