Garden & Food Waste

Garden and Food Waste - Wheeled Bin with the Green Lid

Yes please:

Garden Waste:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Prunings
  • Dead plants/weeds
  • Small branches (less than 7cm/ 3 inches diameter)

Food Waste, including:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat
  • Meal leftovers
  • Bones
  • Tea bags
  • Egg shells

Natural bedding from vegetarian pets:

  • Straw
  • Hay,
  • Sawdust,
  • Shredded paper

Please wrap wet food waste in newspaper or paper bags, not plastic or cornstarch bags even if degradable.

No thank you:

  • Plastic bags
  • Flower pots/trays
  • Stones/rubble
  • Soil and turf
  • Cat litter
  • Animal waste
  • Poisonous weeds e.g. Japanese Knotweed & Ragwort
  • Anything not on the ‘Yes Please’ list

Service Requirements

  • Bins will only be emptied if lids are closed and they are not too heavy to reasonably move.
  • Materials not contained within the appropriate bin or sack will not be collected.
  • Waste must be presented at your property boundary for collection by 7am. (Where your property is accessed by a private track or road, material must be left for collection where this joins the public highway).
  • Please do not put material out earlier than 6pm on the evening before collection.

Standard Garden & Food Waste Service

  • Each household is entitled to one 240 litre Green lidded bin for garden & food waste.  Garden & food waste will only be collected in bins provided by ECDC. 
  • Where a property only has sufficient space to accommodate one wheeled bin, priority will be given to the provision of a recyclables (blue lidded) bin.
  • Properties unable to accommodate wheeled bins will be provided the alternative service.
  • Sudden drops in temperature can result in some food/garden waste freezing inside the green lidded wheeled bins; this may prevent us from fully emptying bins that are frozen. You can help avoid this by loosening the materials inside the bin before presenting it for collection and by trying not to over fill or over pack the bin as this will compact the garden/food waste, particularly the materials at the bottom of the bin. The more compacted a bin is, the more likely it is to freeze. Keeping the lids closed to reduce moisture build up helps and if you are able to keep the green lidded bin in a garage or shed over-winter, this can also help prevent the waste freezing.
  • What happens to your Green Waste?

Alternative Garden & Food Waste Service

  • If a property has been deemed unable to accommodate a wheeled bin, the Council will provide 75 litre clear brown paper sacks. 
  • Like for like replacements will be provided up to a maximum of 4 per collection.

Multiple Occupancy Properties & Flats

  • Alternative arrangements may be provided at the discretion of the Council, including the provision of larger shared use bins. The number and size of bins provided will depend on the number of properties, the space available, and the distance to the collection point.
  • Bins will be collected from the bin storage or other designated area as agreed by the Council and returned to the same location.
  • Where in the judgement of the Council a multi-occupancy property is unable to accommodate a wheeled bin service, clear sacks will be provided for recycling & brown sacks for food & garden waste as for the alternative service to individual households.
  • Where a multi-occupancy property does not have space to accommodate recycling and food & garden waste collection services, recycling facilities will be given priority.
  • Loose rubbish or sacks around the bins will not be collected and it will be the responsibility of the residents / managing agents to remove or clear any such items. Where a bin is blocked in with loose rubbish / sacks it will not be emptied until this has been removed. The bin will then be collected on the next scheduled collection day. For multi-occupancy properties, if a bin is repeatedly contaminated then the Council may if the contamination continues remove the bin(s) and withdraw that service.

Report a Lost or Broken Wheeled Bin

If you have lost a recycling bin, or your recycling bin is broken, please let us know using the form below.  If your bin is broken, please leave it out for our waste operatives to collect.  We aim to deliver replacement bins within 10 working days.

Extra Garden Waste Bins

Extra garden waste bins are available for an annual licence fee of £48.00.  Find out more.