What is happening at the Ely Neighbourhood Panel?



Want to hear about the future of policing in Cambridgeshire, or a new online community for East Cambridgeshire? then come along to this month’s Neighbourhood Panel in Ely.

The meeting on Wednesday 25 January in the Council Chamber at The Grange, East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Office from 7pm to 9pm, will discuss a range of issues from the actions following the last meeting to current consultations as well as special presentation issues. These include:

* the New Policing Model for Cambridgeshire which will be made by Inspector Paul Ormerod

* Shape Your Place a new online facility for residents in East Cambridgeshire

This month, residents will also be able to follow events at the Panel via a twitter account @liveeastcambs and #elynp which will tweet the Panel meeting as it happens.

Councillor John Yates, who chairs the Ely Panel, said: "Neighbourhood Panels are a great way for the community to get involved in the issues which affect them. Whether it is policing, fly tipping or anti-social behaviour, you can raise your concerns at a Panel and all the organisations are there to answer the issue. However, Panels aren’t just about problems, the meetings also discuss future plans for Ely, new developments and consultations all the things which make communities strong and influential."

Neighbourhood Panels, which began in 2007 with a pilot in Soham, have helped to bring about a range of local improvements for local people. The success has been down to residents, Parish, District and County councillors as well as managers from the ‘partner agencies’ - including: health, environment, transport, police, anti-social behaviour, housing and children’s and young people’s services coming together.

Feedback on the actions taken is reported on at the next Panel, although most local actions are taken within days of the meetings. Some of the impacts of the actions include:

* Reduction in fly-tipping;

* Reduction in ‘green laning’ (4x4s driving along droves/by-ways)

* Production of action plans to combat dog fouling;

* Reduction in levels of crime;

* Reduction in reported acts of anti-social behaviour (ASB);

* The introduction and work of the Speedwatch scheme across the District a reduction in the numbers of recorded speeding vehicles.

Each Neighbourhood Panel is made up of Parish, District and County Councillors along with community representatives invited to become Panel members, together with managers from public service agencies.

For further information please contact Julie Cornwell Partnerships Officer on 01353 665555 or visit www.eastcambs.gov.uk to access all current information about Neighbourhood Panels from newsletters to profiles and action plans.