Planning for housing growth to meet our future needs



In order to meet the demands and needs of the future, Councillors at East Cambridgeshire District Council have unanimously endorsed a realistic housing target for the next twenty years.

This week, members of Development and Transport sub committee heard how the Government has signalled their intention to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies, allowing local authorities to set their own housing targets.

In East Cambridgeshire, members have agreed a ‘continuation of growth’ as their preferred option. This would mean 8,000 to 9,000 new homes being built across the District by 2031.

This growth is less than East Cambridgeshire has seen over the last decade and would mean 400-450 new homes being built every year.

This target reflects the aspirations for steady growth which have been made by communities through successive consultations, whilst not being at a level which would adversely affect the environment.

Councillor Peter Moakes, Chairman of Development and Transport sub committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: "Despite the difficult economic situation currently facing the country, we need to plan for the future when growth will become stronger. As part of this process, local authorities have been given the responsibility to determine the level of future housing in their area. This is clearly an issue which requires a lot of planning, research and thought.

"In East Cambridgeshire, we have spent the last few years working towards just this situation through our Masterplans, Village Visions and the work which has gone into the Local Development Framework. This means we are in a very strong position to know where growth should be in the next twenty years and the levels which our district can sustain. We have also carried out a huge amount of consultation with residents to ensure new housing, when it comes, is at levels and in places which local communities have agreed to. While growth and development may feel a long way off at present, we are confident that by choosing a reasonable level for new homes in the future we can continue to thrive and develop as a district."