Oliver Cromwell House – a jewel in the district



The last year has been twelve months of continued success for Oliver Cromwell House in Ely with admissions rising, profits in the gift shop and guided tour income all going up.

In 2010/11, the House achieved:

* An additional 2,000 visitors into the Tourist Information Centre

* An additional 500 paid visitors to House

* A 20 per cent increase in income from guided tours

* Five percent increase in profits in retail sales

* 50 percent increase in visitors to website

The success at the attraction has been backed up by the excellent performance of the staff in the Tourist Information Centre who retaining the prestigious best Tourist Information Centre award in the East of England at the regional Enjoy England Awards for Excellence.

The next year will see no respite for the Tourist Information Centre with an expansion of the tours programme looking to bring in more income as other plans are put in place to increase the profits, spend and visitors to the attraction.

Councillor Richard Hobbs, Chairman of the Community and Environment Sub-Committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: "Oliver Cromwell House is a fantastic place to visit. You have only to walk around the House to feel history dripping from every room and you cannot help to feel the impact of the people who once called the place their home. With many people deciding to take ‘staycations’ instead of travelling to foreign climes, I am sure Oliver Cromwell House will continue to be a success.

"The team at the House are incredibly hard working and most importantly knowledgeable about Ely and the district. From my experience I don’t think there is a question which they don’t know the answer to which is an invaluable skill when you are a visitor looking for help. These talents were rightly recognised again this year when the team retained their regional Enjoy England award. If you been to the house recently or heaven forbid never been to the house at all, I would suggest you take a trip to the House at the next opportunity and learn how the past still echoes into the present."

For more information on Oliver Cromwell’s House call 01352 662062 or www.visitely.org.uk.