New school getting closer for Littleport



Support to build a new secondary school in Littleport is growing following a meeting at the County Council this week.

Over the last few months, Councillors and officers at Cambridgeshire County Council have been reviewing the provision of Secondary Education in East Cambridgeshire. As well as researching the demand for school places in the next 15 years, the work has looked specifically at where a new school should be built.

This week, County Councillors discussed the final report and support a proposal for a new secondary school to be built in Littleport.   When cabinet meet to make a final decision in July, there will be a recommendation to take this new school forward.

The news follows years of hard work from the residents and community leaders in Littleport.

Councillor Fred Brown, Leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: "Over the last few years, the growth in towns across East Cambridgeshire has been phenomenal. New homes have sprung up creating new communities and attracting new residents to the area. Growth obviously brings with it a greater demand for services and facilities. This has been most obvious in Littleport, where the demand of a new secondary school has grown in intensity as more and more families move to the town.

“Given these pressures it is very encouraging that the County Councillors support a new school being built in Littleport. I, along with many others, have worked really hard to bring a secondary school back to the town and things are looking good that we will achieve our aim. Our work was based around wanting the best for our residents and giving them the facilities they need. I hope that come the meeting in July, we can celebrate confirmation that children in Littleport will have a great new facility to look forward to.”


Notes for editors:

For further information contact Tony Taylorson in the Communications Team on 01223 699285.

Political contacts: Cllr Fred Brown (Con) 07824 472070, Cllr Gareth Wilson (Lib Dem) 01353 740617 and Cllr Andy Wright (Ind) 01353 86043