Hark! When are the waste and recycling collections this Christmas?



Over the Christmas and New Year period, the waste and recycling collection days in East Cambridgeshire will be subject to minor changes.

In order to allow for bank holidays, residents should put out their black bags, brown bags and black box recycling out at the following dates:

Normal Collection Day         Revised Collection
Monday 24 December          Monday 24 December (no change)
Tuesday 25 December        Thursday 27 December
Wednesday 26 December  Friday 28 December
Thursday 27 December       Saturday 29 December
Friday 28 December             Monday 31 December
Monday 31 December          Wednesday 2 January
Tuesday 1 January                Thursday 3 January
Wednesday 2 January          Friday 4 January
Thursday 3 January              Saturday 5 January
Friday 4 January                    Monday 7 January
Monday 7 January                 Tuesday 8 January
Tuesday 8 January               Wednesday 9 January
Wednesday 9 January         Thursday 10 January
Thursday 10 January            Friday 11 January
Friday 11 January                  Saturday 12 January

Residents are asked to have their materials out for collection by 7am as collection times may vary.

The waste and recycling collections will return to normal from Monday 14 January.

Dave White, Waste Strategy Team Leader at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: "We have tried to minimise the disruption to everyone's waste and recycling collections by taking into the way the bank holidays have landed this year. This year, residents will have a maximum two days to delay to normal collections from your property. The changes will last until Saturday 12 January after which the collections will go back to normal on the following Monday.

“Throughout Christmas, the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Witchford and Milton will also be open except for Christmas Eve afternoon, Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day. They have extensive facilities to recycle nearly all the waste you generate over the holiday period, if you can’t wait for the normal collections.”

For further information please call on 01353 665555 or visit www.eastcambs.gov.uk