Is the dream of a Soham Railway Station about to come true?



Work is set to start on a feasibility study to discover the costs, timescales and scope of a project to potentially bring a railway station back to Soham.

The work, set to report back in the Spring, will examine the feasibility of providing a railway station and train service in Soham.

The project will be carried out by Network Rail on behalf of East Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council. It will look at:

* An estimate of the price and programme for implementing the Project and then developing it to the next stage of development

* A proposed scope of works, including an outline drawings where applicable

* A summary of the known project risks identified in the Project

* A timetable study for the feasibility of the Project

Councillor Tony Parramint, Chairman of Environment and Transport Committee and local member for Soham, said: "During the public consultation for the Soham Masterplan Vision, 80 per cent of the local residents surveyed said the re-opening of the rail station was crucial to the future development of the town. Those of us who live in Soham know how important reopening the railway station would be. A lot has changed since 1965, but the demand for rail travel is as strong as ever and we all see it as vital to our future."

Councillor Peter Moakes, Chairman of the Strategic Development Committee, said: "Soham is one of the largest towns in the East of England to lie on a railway line but not have a railway station. With the population and employment opportunities set to grow, we believe Soham could now support a viable station and train service. The idea was a key part of the Masterplan and it is important that we work to bring it to fruition."

The cost of the project will be £37,000 which will be funded entirely by Cambridgeshire Horizons Housing Growth Funds.


Notes for editors

For further information contact Tony Taylorson in the Communications Team on 01223 699285.

Political contacts: Political contacts: Cllr Tony Parramint (Conservative) 01353 721105 Councillor Peter Moakes (Con) 01353 659910, Cllr Robert Stevens (Liberal Democrat) 01223 811643 and Cllr John Abbott (Lib Dem) 01638 720706.