Find Out What is Happening in our District


Find out what is happening in our district -

The twitter account is a place to promote all that is happening in our district from events to activities with  information supplied by East Cambridgeshire District Council and partners.

After the successful pilot of the @ecdcelection twitter account, we are now looking to develop this to promote all the good things which happen in the East Cambridgeshire.

@liveeastcambs highlights all the activities sports, tourism and leisure taking place in the district so people can share activities, photographs and plans for an event.

Soon there will also be the launch of a new community website called ShapeYourPlace - East Cambridgeshire.

The award winning project which began in Fenland in 2010 is a one stop site for everything to do with the place where people live and is coming to a number of locations in East Cambridgeshire this Spring.

For the first time in East Cambridgeshire, residents can go online and join in conversations with local public services and each other.  Residents can also vote in polls on local issues  and find out what happened at the last Neighbourhood Panel. ShapeYourPlace links with the local councils, the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, the Health Service and many other organisations to ensure when issues are raised an answer can be found.

To succeed the new websites need volunteer community reporters who can be trained to write about and video community issues, events and give free publicity to community groups.

This is an important part of ensuring the sites reflect the issues which people want to talk, hear and read about.