Find Your Polling Station

You can use the search boxes below to find your polling station, or make a selection from the list shown below. Alternatively, you can look for polling stations on our district map. Please note that some polling stations cover more than 1 electoral area code.

Electoral Area Codesort descending Ward Name
HA6 Ely East Ward Stuntney - Social Club
HJ6 Ely North Ward Chettisham - St Michael & All Angels Church
HK1 Ely East Ward Ely - Vernon Cross Room, The Old Gaol House
IA1 Downham Villages Ward Coveney - Village Hall
IB1 Downham Villages Ward Little Downham - Village Centre
ID1 Downham Villages Ward Pymoor - Methodist Church
IE1 Littleport West Ward Littleport - Vine Community Church
IF1 Littleport East Ward Littleport - Village Hall
IG1 Littleport East Ward Black Horse Drove - The Community Centre
JA1 Haddenham Ward Haddenham - Arkenstall Centre
HC1 Ely East Ward Prickwillow - Village Hall
JB1 Haddenham Ward Aldreth - Village Centre
JC1 Downham Villages Ward Mepal - Village Hall
JD1 Stretham Ward Stretham - Church Hall
JE1 Sutton Ward Sutton - Brooklands Centre (Royal British Legion)
JF1 Stretham Ward Little Thetford - Village Hall
JG1 Haddenham Ward Wentworth - Wentworth Hall
JH1 Stretham Ward Wilburton - St Peter's Hall
JI1 Downham Villages Ward Witcham - Village Hall
JJ1 Haddenham Ward Witchford - St Andrew's Church Hall
KA1 Bottisham Ward Bottisham - Royal British Legion
HD6 Ely East Ward Queen Adelaide - Village Hall
KB1 Burwell Ward Burwell - Baptist Church
KB2 Burwell Ward Burwell - The Gardiner Memorial Hall
KC1 Bottisham Ward Lode - Fassage Hall
KD1 The Swaffhams Ward Reach - Village Centre
KE1 The Swaffhams Ward Swaffham Bulbeck - Downing Court Communal Room
KF1 The Swaffhams Ward Swaffham Prior - Village Hall
LA1 Fordham Villages Ward Chippenham - Village Hall
LB1 Fordham Villages Ward Fordham - Victoria Hall
LC1 Isleham Ward Isleham - The Beeches
HF1 Ely North Ward Ely - Community Centre
LE1 Fordham Villages Ward Kennett - Pavilion
LF1 Soham North Ward Soham - Town Rangers Football Club
LG1 Soham South Ward Soham - Walter Gidney Pavilion
LG2 Soham South Ward Soham - Walter Gidney Pavilion
LI6 Fordham Villages Ward Snailwell - The George & Dragon
LJ1 Soham South Ward Wicken - The Mission Hall
MA1 Cheveley Ward Ashley - Village Hall
MB1 Bottisham Ward Brinkley - Memorial Hall
HF2 Ely North Ward Ely - Princess of Wales Hospital
MC1 Bottisham Ward Burrough Green - Village Hall
MD1 Cheveley Ward Newmarket - Town Football Club
ME1 Cheveley Ward Cheveley - Community Room
MF1 Dullingham Villages Ward Dullingham - The Taylor Hall
MG1 Cheveley Ward Kirtling - Village Hall
MH1 Dullingham Villages Ward Stetchworth - The Ellesmere Centre
MI6 Bottisham Ward Westley Waterless - Village Hall
MJ1 Cheveley Ward Newmarket - Town Football Club
MK1 Dullingham Villages Ward Woodditton - The Granary Estates
MK2 Dullingham Villages Ward Saxon Street - Methodist Church
HG1 Ely East Ward Ely - St Peters Church Hall
LG3 Soham South Ward Soham - Walter Gidney Pavilion
HH1 Ely East Ward Ely - The Forum (Centre E)
HI1 Ely West Ward Ely - Methodist Church
HI2 Ely South Ward Ely - Guide Hall