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The East Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Panels have now ceased. 

A decision was made by East Cambs District Council that, following the January 2014 panels, no further neighbourhood panels would be held because a review had shown clearly that they do not provide an effective means of engaging with residents and responding to issues in local communities.

ShapeyourPlace for example, now provides a response to an issue within 10 days (rather than having to wait three months for a panel meeting), and many parish council's regularly engage with residents for their issues and priorities. 

If you would like to know what happened at the last round of meetings please use the links below to access the minutes and the final newsletters:

If you would like to raise an issue of concern, please contact customer services on 01353 6655555 or raise this via 'ShapeYourPlace'

East Cambridgeshire District Council has teamed up with Cambridgeshire County Council, The Police and Fire Service to launch a new community owned website, 'ShapeYourPlace' (SYP).  SYP lets local people start and join in conversations about how you can improve your local area.  You can communicate directly with service providers about issues that affect you.  Common issues raised on SYP will be raised at Neighbourhood Panel meetings and likewise issues raised via Neighbourhood Panel meetings will be posted as blogs on SYP.  This is to improve communication through various methods about current issues and topics that affect your community.  Visitors to East Cambridgeshire's ShapeYourPlace website are able to:

  • Report issues and suggest ideas
  • See what has been reported and join in conversations with other residents
  • Receive updates about how issues are being resolved
  • Write blog posts about local activities and news

Visit and join in the conversation!