Burwell Masterplan


The Burwell Masterplan was approved by the District Council at it's Full Council meeting on 21st February 2013 as the Council's long term vision for the future of Burwell.

The Masterplan outlines how Burwell can change, develop and be a thriving rural community whilst retaining its village character and community supprt networks.

In the months and years ahead East Cambridgeshire District Council will move forward with ideas to enhance the natural landscape, plan growth and promote the employment allocations to create more jobs in Burwell, as well as expand communtiy facilities.

Burwell was chosen as the fourth place in the district to benefit from the ideas, concepts and development opportunities of a Masterplan as it is a key village in the south of the District serving many other smaller villages around it. There were a number of issues to be addressed within the work such as school provision, housing growth and the need to develop new job opportunities. The process gave all those who live and work in the village the opportunity to have their say on how it should develop in the future.

The move followed three successful Masterplans in Ely, Littleport and Soham which have set out 20 year visions for sustainable growth in each of the three places. In each case, the plans have developed by listening and talking to the needs of those who live in the area.

The Burwell Masterplan document can be found below

Draft Burwell Masterplan Consultation 20th September - 31st October 2012

The draft Burwell Masterplan consultation ran from 20th September -31st October 2012.

The draft plan set out a vision and framework for the future development and growth of Burwell over the next 20 years and included proposals for 350 homes (17.5 per year), plus infill, over the next 20 years, to be located on land off Newmarket Road. A jobs target of 630 additional jobs to be delivered over the plan period was also included. A new employment allocation is proposed on Reach Road and it suggested that the DS Smith site on Reach Road be retained for employment use. The draft Masterplan also includes proposals relating to green infrastructure, public transport, walking and cycling and community facilities.

Public Exhibition

A public exhibition was held at the Mandeville Hall, Tan House Lane, Burwell, on Friday 12th October from 3pm - 8pm and on Saturday 13th October from 9am - 2pm. The eight information boards from the exhibition can now be downloaded below.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact masterplan@eastcambs.gov.uk or telephone 01353 665555.

Burwell Masterplan: Options Stage

The Burwell Masterplan Options consultation ran from 27th February to 12th March 2012. The ideas for the future development of Burwell were developed from the feedback from the public consultation last September and the background research carried out to date. The options can be viewed in the 'Options Background Paper' below.

The results of the consultation were presented to the Burwell Masterplan Working Party at their meeting on Monday 2nd April, the feedback report can be found below. At this meeting the Working Party requested that further research be carried out on the options of 100 homes plus infill and 350 homes plus infill over 20 years, to confirm the infrastructure requirements for these levels of growth and that site appraisals on the sites proposed for development be conducted. The presentation given to the Working Party on the findings of this research and the site appraisals can also be found below.

Burwell Masterplan: Issues Stage

The Issues Stage Public Consultation ran from Monday 19th September to Friday 30th September. The aim of the consultation was to hear from as many local people, community groups and businesses as possible to establish what needs to be taken into account as the Masterplan moves forward. Over 400 completed community questionnaires were returned and 100 people attended the drop-in day held on Saturday 24th September at the Gardiner Memorial Hall.

46 people also attended a series of focus group sessions to discuss the emerging key issues and any ideas participants may have to address some of the issues.

The feedback from the consultation and the desk research which has been conducted, can be found below.

Burwell Masterplan Working Party

The Working Party was set up by the District Council's Development and Transport Committee to ensure that the Masterplan progressed in a structured and open manner. Their role was to ensure a coordinated approach to the long-term development of Burwell , and to ensure effective and meaningful dialogue and consultations during the development of the Masterplan. The Working Party Terms of Reference can be viewed below. The Working Party was set up as a task and finish group and so will no longer meet.

Working Party members are:

  • Councillor Peter Moakes (Chair) Tel. 01353 659910
  • Councillor Lavinia Edwards Tel. 01638 610696
  • Councillor Hazel Williams MBE Tel. 01638 743897
  • Councillor David Brown - Co-opted member representing Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Councillor Pat Kilbey - Co-opted member representing Burwell Parish Council

Burwell Masterplan Working Party Meetings

The final Meeting of the Burwell Masterplan Working Party was on 9th January 2013. Please use the links below to view agendas and minutes from all the Working Party meetings. All meetings were open public meetings and well attended by members of the public.

Burwell Masterplan Work Programme and Consultation Strategy

The Burwell Masterplan work programme below sets three stages of work with public consultation at each stage.

Stage 1 - Identification of issues and opportunities

Stage 2 - Options Development

Stage 3 - Plan Development

The timetable was produced to fit with the Core Strategy Review work, so that the options produced through the Masterplan process can be incorporated into the Draft Local Plan for consultation during February/March 2013.

A Burwell Masterplan Consultation Strategy was produced to ensure that local people and organisations had sufficient opportunity to receive information and to give their views. One of the great successes of the Masterplans that have been produced to date has been the level of public involvement.  Members of the public have reported that they particularly valued being consulted and involved at each stage of the process of plan development, rather than just being presented with a draft document to comment on at the end.The high level of community engagement throughout the process has resulted in strong support and community ownership of the existing Masterplans

The Consultation Strategy below includes a number of techniques to inform and feedback information and to consult and allow for participation, such as regular articles in the local press, public exhibitions, questionnaires, workshops and open Working Party meetings.



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