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Proposals Map

Proposals Map

The role of the Proposals Map Development Plan Document is to geographically illustrate the policies and land allocations in the other DPD's. The Council's Core Strategy DPD and accompanying Proposals Map were adopted by Council on 20th October 2009. The Inset maps of each settlement can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table below. The district-wide map will be available on-line shortly. Due to unforseen circumstances, printed copies of the Proposals Map are not likely to be available until late November at the earliest. Printed copies of the document will be available to purchase at a cost of £25 + £2 p&p (please phone the Customer Services team on 01353 665555 to pre-order copies).

The Proposals Map will be updated in 2010/11, to reflect proposals and policies in the emerging Site Allocations DPD and Ely Area Action Plan, as well as the Core Strategy.

Links to Adopted Proposal Map

Links to Inset Maps: