Planting Parishes - Trees Absorb Carbon

As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away for decades or even centuries. Planting new native woods in the UK increases the size of the carbon "sink", helping to mitigate the effects of some of our greenhouse gas emissions.

As woodlands mature they provide increasingly valuable habitat to help wildlife adapt to climate change.

The role of trees and woods in helping to capture and store carbon has been intensely debated in the media. We also recognisethat it is just as important to reduce emissions at the source, by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and being as efficient as possible with what we do use.

As part of this holistic approach to tackling Climate Change, East Cambridgeshire District Council is working with the Woodland Trust to create new woodland in the district, to absorb carbon, and to support wildlife.

A donation to our Planting Parishes project will allow us to plant and care for new native woodland right here in the East Cambridgeshire, locking up carbon and creating valuable green spaces for people and wildlife alike. 

Every £25 donated will enable us to create 25 square metres of woodland. Over its lifetime this will capture and store one tonne of carbon dioxide.

For more information on how you can be involved and contribute to a scheme in your area use one of the following links:

If you could like to know how much carbon you create, why not visit the Act on CO2 website and try using the ‘ACT ON CO2’ calculator?