Weekly Highlights

24th October 2014

Dear Colleague

On the surface, Ely appears to be a thriving, peaceful and tranquil city but every year on the approach to All Hallows Eve, stories of murder, lost souls and mournful victims seep out from its haunted streets.

To understand the spooky goings-on and ghostly appearances - those who are brave enough are invited to join a guide to be taken on a blood curdling tour of the medieval city.  The ghost tours begin at Oliver Cromwell's House; the walk will take visitors along ancient paths to meet characters from the past such as a body snatcher, the pale nurse from the old militia hospital and other ghostly spirits taken before their time.

On Halloween itself, there will be a Ghostly Tales Tour at Oliver Cromwell House itself at 4pm.  The tour of the House at dusk will involve the telling of stories of mysterious shadows and strange voices from previous residents, visitors and staff - as well as the chance to experience the 'chill' of the Lord Protector's bedroom.

Also on Halloween evening is there will be a Riverside Ghost Tour starting at 7.30pm.  People will hear of the superstitions of the fens to the witches' trials by water before taking a boat trip on the Liberty Belle to experience the eerie river at night whilst hearing about further ghostly tales of the river Great Ouse.

Landlords and letting agents have the chance to discover the latest developments in the housing rental market at a special meeting next month.

The District Council is hosting a Residential Landlord Event on Tuesday 4 November between 5pm and 7pm for people who are either new to the market, have many years of experience or are simply looking to rent out their property.  The event at the St Mary's Church in Ely will see experts from a range of organisations be available at information stalls for one to one discussions.  They can offer help on a wide range of topics from tax advice to how to navigate the complexities of government regulations that apply to rented accommodation.

From 6pm guest speakers will be talking about experience of setting up shared house accommodation, the latest issues for landlords, how Landlord Associations can help and what services the Council provide for landlords.

All attendees will be provided with a free landlord pack from the Council housing advice team. For more information please contact Karen Freya in the Housing Team on 01353 665555 or email Karen.freya@eastcambs.gov.uk.

And finally this month's Flower, Food & Craft Market in Ely on Sunday 26 October will celebrate the bounty of the Harvest Festival as well as spooky Halloween things to do.  The Market Place on Sunday 26 October will be full of a vast array of harvest produce such as artisan bread, cheese and pies as well as plenty of street food to go.

For those getting ready for Halloween, there will be the chance to do some pumpkin carving and for children to do some art work.  The Market will also let those who are planning ahead for Christmas to get some early ideas for gifts such as garden ornaments, plants, and woodcraft as well as up-cycled vintage items, handcrafted gifts and jeweller.

At the market opens at 10am until 4pm and along with some amazing produce there will be experts on hand to give advice on where and how to make the best of a garden.

There is only one meeting scheduled for next week:

Thursday, 30th October at 4.30pm in the Council Chamber

Regulatory & Support Services Committee


With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Tony Cornell

Councillor Tony Cornell