Weekly Highlights

21st November 2014

Dear Colleague

Great news to start the week - the introduction of the wheeled bin recycling service in East Cambridgeshire has seen the area record the third highest increase in recycling performance of English authorities in the last year.  The statistics from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show in 2012/13 East Cambridgeshire was ranked 257th out of 320 councils responsible for waste collections with recycling levels of 33.37%.

During 2013/14, when the new service was introduced halfway through the year, East Cambridgeshire shot up to 116th with a recycling rate of 45.48%.  With a recycling rate estimated to be in excess of 54% for 2014/15, the authority could potentially break into the top 50 best recyclers across England next year.

The dramatic change in the recycling performance has come since East Cambridgeshire District Council successfully bid for £5 million from Central Government to fund a new recycling service which retained weekly waste collections.

Businesses, retailers and Councils have come together to improve the vitality and vibrancy of Littleport's Town Centre.  The Littleport Town Team has been set up following the recommendations of the Town Centres Working Party Committee at the District Council which was tasked with helping to make the most of the district's key three town centres: Ely, Soham and Littleport.

In Littleport, a series of visits to the retailers and businesses were carried out in the summer to get their views on the town and ask for ideas on how it could be improved. This has helped to develop an Action Plan which will:

*       Look into the Feasibility of introducing a regular market

*     Devise a town centre events and promotions programme including a Christmas Town Centre Celebration

*       Develop a marketing campaign, in particular through social media

*       Devise a Residents pack with information on what Littleport's High Street has to offer


Some of the retailers and businesses visited agreed to form a new Town Team to work with the District and Parish Council on the Action Plan. These include: Branching Out, Littleport Library, Holmes Furnishings, Sigma Embroidery, St George's Church and Co-op Main Street. Membership of the Town Team is not closed - anybody is invited to join as long as they represent a shop or business in Littleport and have a strong interest in helping make the most of the town.

Residents in Sutton are being encouraged to comment on their Parish Council's application to East Cambridgeshire District Council to designate the whole parish as a neighbourhood area. If following the consultation the application is approved, it will be the parish council's first step on their way towards preparing a neighbourhood plan.

Ultimately this means Sutton could establish planning policies for the development and use of land in the Parish, including where new homes and offices should be built and what they should look like. Residents of Sutton would be given the opportunity to be involved in the preparation of the neighbourhood plan and, ultimately, will have the right to vote for or against it at a referendum. No plan can be adopted unless it passes a referendum.

The six-week consultation began this week with all responses due in by 5pm on Wednesday 31 December. A copy of the neighbourhood area application is available to view at www.eastcambridgeshire.gov.uk/neighbourhood-planning.

Details of the application and a map of the proposed boundary are also being displayed at:

*       Village notice boards in Sutton

*       East Cambridgeshire District Council Reception, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely     CB7 4EE (during normal opening hours)

Comments can be made either by email to ldf@eastcambs.gov.uk or by post to Strategic Planning, East Cambridgeshire District Council, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely CB7 4EE. For more information, call the Strategic Planning Team on 01353 665555 or email: ldf@eastcambs.gov.uk

There are no meetings scheduled for next week.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Tony Cornell

Councillor Tony Cornell