Weekly Highlights

3rd July 2015

Dear Colleague

Last Friday, the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire, Captain Victor Lucas and his wife, Diana held a reception at their home, The Manor House, Warboys.  Mary and I were among guests from across the county and further afield who enjoyed their kind hospitality and the spectacular end to the evening when the Band of the Royal Marines beat Retreat and carried out the Sunset Ceremony on the High Sheriff’s front lawn.

On Saturday Tracey Harding and her ECDC team marked the 15th birthday of Ely Farmers’ Market with their own stall sporting a raffle, recipe book and lots of information leaflets.  General response from the stallholders and the many shoppers on the day was that the Farmers’ Market is a huge success.  I went along to help and to cut the giant birthday cake at noon – an event eagerly anticipated by onlookers!

The “Raffle” a large hamper was won by Greg Strachan from Ely who is a regular visitor to the market.

This week the Leader of the District Council wrote an open letter to the media to outline our plans for the District-wide Leisure Centre. I thought it was important to share this with you:

"The proposed Leisure Centre for East Cambridgeshire is a significant development for the area and will inevitably be an expensive venture.

"After many years of discussions, two years ago the Conservative Group at East Cambs decided to push the scheme forward and deliver something that everyone can be proud of.  The new cinema at Downham Road is a tremendously exciting scheme and it is our vision to site the Leisure Centre alongside the cinema, simultaneously providing new car parking for the Rugby Club and improvements for the Football Club.  All the sports facilities at Downham Road will benefit from new road access, not to mention the excellent underpass that will allow cycles and pedestrians to safely visit the complex.

"Leisure Centres are expensive, make no mistake the cost of this facility will be high.  It is my job to make sure that the Council can afford to provide for our growing population as well as balance its' budget.  This is not an easy task given the ever decreasing government grant the Council receives but one I am determined to rise to the challenge.

"We will very soon be going out to tender with the Leisure Centre, only then will we have certainty over the cost and therefore, be able to properly decide on how it can be paid for.  I am duty bound to get the best price for the taxpayer but we hope to be able to award this work to a local company.  I would like the people who build this centre to be part of the community that uses it; to have a vested interest in creating something special, that they, their children and grandchildren will use.  I believe in our community and I am convinced that we have the businesses that can provide a high quality Leisure Centre for the best possible price and would encourage them to contact the Council to register their interest.

"I do not want the public to be in the dark with regard to our Leisure Centre.  At East Cambs we are committed to delivering the best possible service at the lowest possible cost and the Leisure Centre is no different.  We want it, we know the people want it and it's up to us to deliver it.  This is the next stage."A word of caution: -.
It's been very hot this week - beyond the temperatures we are used to in this country even in the summer.  With the temperatures set to fall a little it is still worth bearing in mind the simple guidelines for this time of year.
Hot weather can be uncomfortable for many people, but can be dangerous for the very old, very young and those with chronic illnesses who feel the effects more acutely.
Over exposure to the sun can cause heat exhaustion, with symptoms including hot skin, heavy sweating, nausea and vomiting and tiredness.  Anyone who has these symptoms should be moved to somewhere cool and given cold drinks.
Here are some practical tips on how to stay cool and cope with the hot weather:

  • Drink regularly - cold drinks are better
  • Apply sunscreen that has a high sun protection factor (SPF) and UVA protection sunscreen with an SPF of 50 offers the best level of protection
  • Wear sunglasses when out in the sun to reduce the risk of UV rays damaging your eyes
  • Remember to take extra care with young children, as their skin is delicate and more easily damaged by the sun.
  • Wear suitable clothing - loose, light, cotton materials are recommended
  • If you can, avoid going out in the hottest part of the day (11am - 3pm)
  • Avoid extreme physical exertion
  • If you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat and light scarf
  • Switch off electrical equipment such as computers which are not being used - these generate heat even in standby mode

If you are worried about what to do, either for yourself or somebody you know who you think might be at risk, go to NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk/summerhealth.  Alternatively ring NHS 111 or visit your chemist.

Scam Awareness Month, coordinated by the Citizens Advice Bureau, is being held during July.  The campaign aims to raise awareness of scams and prevent residents from becoming a victim.  This year the theme is Don't Be Rushed, Don't Be Hushed.  It's about people refusing to be rushed into taking decisions they will later regret; and it's about them refusing to be silenced by a sense of shame or weary acceptance.

Every year more than three million people in the UK fall victim to scams, losing hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds.  For further advice on scams, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

There is only one meeting scheduled for next week:

Monday, 6th July 2015 - 4.30pm in the Council Chamber
Regulatory & Support Services Committee


Three Agendas are being sent out next week:

Licensing Committee, 15/07/15 – on 7th July 2015

Full Council, 16/07/15 – on 8th July 2015

Corporate Governance & Finance Committee, 20/07/15 – on 10th July 2015

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Michael Allan

Councillor Michael Allan