Council Profile

East Cambridgeshire District Council - What kind of Council Are We?

The Council has 39 elected Members . Currently (as from May 2015), a Conservative administration has an overall majority; there are

  • 36 Conservatives
  • 2 Liberal Democrats, and
  • 1 Independent Member

The Council operates the "Alternative Arrangements" form of political management, with cross-party representation in a series of Committees.

The District Council was formed in 1974 and is based in Ely. The offices are within two minutes walking distance from leisure and shopping facilities.

The services it provides include:


The Council employs over 200 staff and its Management Team comprises of :

  • Chief Executive,
  • Deputy Chief Executive and
  • 7 Heads of Service.

Some Services are provided directly to the public through partnerships with both the private and voluntary sectors; services such as refuse collection, street cleansing, revenues and benefits, and leisure facilities. The Council has also transferred its housing stock to a Housing Association.