Council Departments

Chief Executive's Department

The Chief Executive’s department is responsible for press and public relations.

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Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services is responsible for housing, sports and leisure, tourism, grants for development/sport and play. It also includes the Corporate Strategy Team, which works closely with local public and voluntary bodies to promote community safety, community development and the local strategic partnership; and is responsible for supporting the Council's performance improvement and consultation.

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Development Services Department

Development Services provides the Council's development control, enforcement, appeals, listed buildings and conservation, trees and landscaping, forward and local planning and building control services for the district.

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Environmental Services Department

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for ensuring that health and safety of the District is complied with as required by Government Legislation. The section also plays a key role in providing advice and education to customers.

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Finance Department

The Finance Department provides all the Council’s accountancy, exchequer, income collection and benefit services.

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Human Resources & Information Technology Department

The Human Resources and Information Technology Department is responsible for all issues relating to staffing and training and for managing information and technology within the Council, and is responsible for open spaces maintenance, management of the Council’s office and emergency planning.

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Legal Services Department

The Legal Department provides the Council's internal legal service, electoral services, committee services and landcharge services.

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Departmental Structure

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