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Approved Document Amendments 2013 (for use from 6th April 2013)

Expected Changes To Building Regulations For Early 2013 Produced By LABC

At the time of producing the summary, there has been no confirmation from DCLG as to what will and won’t be included, neither has a timeline been put forward for introducing the changes. To date there has been no publication of a response to the 2012 consultation. However, LABC believes the content of this paper reflects possible changes that may be introduced in April 2013. However, we are aware of particular uncertainty over the detailed changes for Part L and announcements of these changes may be made later. Therefore, LABC does not feel it worthwhile speculating as to what those changes may be.

Anglian Water Adoption of Sewers

On the 1st October 2011 water companies adopted all private sewers and as a result, all new public sewers on newly approved sites constructed after July 2011 will need to be constructed in accordance with new national standards. (A private sewer is a drain that takes foul and waste water from two or more properties.)

Additionally, private lateral drains will also be adopted by the water companies. (Lateral drains are private drains that pass over somebody else’s land.) This means that in essence the only drainage that will remain the responsibility of the homeowner will be the private drainage, only serving their property within the boundary of their site.

Following on from this Anglian Water plan to reduce the number of consultations carried out by Building Control during the formal building regulation application process in particular relating to building proposals having a potential to affect a public sewer or lateral drain.

Previously full plans applications, received by a local authority, for building works built over or sited within 3 metres of a public sewer had to be the subject of a formal consultation. Anglian Water have now introduced a standard set of criteria against which all build over/near proposals can be assessed. Proposals which comply with ALL of the criteria shown below will receive automatic approval from Anglian Water.

Consequently where local authorities are satisfied that ALL of the criteria are met Anglian water are happy for build over/near situations to be approved without prior consultation.

The set criteria relate to gravity sewers and are as follows:

  • Sewer less than 3m deep
  • Sewer 150mm diameter or smaller
  • Built over length 6m or less
  • No manholes or access points built over
  • Suitable foundation design that ensures no loads are imposed on the sewer

Where the criteria is not met East Cambs Building Control will consult with Anglian Water who will then assess the proposals on a case by case basis, granting approval by means of a build over near agreement where appropriate.

Should you have any further queries on this matter please contact this office via our online enquiry form or by telephone 01353 665555 and we will endeavour to assist. Alternatively visit the Anglian Water website at

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