Building Control Inspections

The Regulations require that the person for whom the work is being carried out shall give the Local Authority notice of certain stages of 

work.The relevant stages (where applicable) are as follows :

  • Commencement of works
  • Excavations for foundations
  • Brick footings on concrete foundations
  • Hard-core ground floor, beams/reinforcement
  • Damp proof course laid
  • Roof structure prior to internal cladding. Please Note that whilst this is not a statutory inspection request we are happy to carry it out if notified to avoid abortive work.
  • Drains: Foulwater/rainwater
  • Manholes: Foulwater/rainwater
  • Occupation of building or part of building
  • Completion

It may be necessary for additional inspections to be made at key stages. This could be organised with the Surveyor at the time of commencement of works.

How to book a Building Control Inspection

By Telephone - 01353 665555:

Inspections are taken during Customer Support Office office hours which are
0845 - 1700 Monday to Thursday and
0845 - 1630 Friday.
Telephone calls requesting inspections for the same day will be accepted providing that they are received by 10.00am on that day.

By e-mail -

Please ensure the following information is provided in the e-mail:

  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Date inspection required
  • Application number (if known)
  • Site Address
  • Inspection required e.g foundations

To Contact Building Control:
Tel: 01353 665555
Fax: 01353 665240

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